Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Free Samples by Mail.

What most people don;t understand is that samples usually come with coupons!!!!
Plus who doesn't love to try things for free before they buy them?!?!?! I DO!!!!
Here's a list of some free samples currently available!
Designer Whey Protien Sample
GoodNights Underwear Sample
Moms Meet: Mary's Gone Crakcers Love Cookies (apply) this one u have to apply and you could be selected for a sampling opportunity via email.
Tuff Seal Tile Sample
Ra-flect Sample (Attic Foil Insulation)
Seattle's Best Coffee Click on Declare your level show tab.
Huggies baby wipes (must be a Sam's CLub Memeber)
Calcia Trial Kit (Calcium)
Invisible Glass Cleaning Wipes (12pm EST daily)
U by Kotex Sample
Glad Trash Bag Sample (Sam's membership required)
MiraLAX Sample
Truvia Sample This one's for u, Nikki!!!
Fiber Choice
CareFree Liners or coupon
Playtex Sport
More to come!!! Here's a list to get u started on, though :)

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