Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Few Couponing Tips!!!

1. Check out ALL the Buy One Get One Free Deals: AKA: BOGO or B1G1.
***You can use ONE manufacturers coupon per item!!! Yes, even if it is a free item in a BOGO deal!!! You can also use ONE store coupon along with the Manu coupons per item!!! (If your store has store coupons!)
Most people don't realize this.... This is how to score FREE or close to FREE items!

2. Search around online for printable coupons... Just because you don't think there is a coupon for something does not mean there is not one! Most manufacturers sites have coupons!!! If you need my help searching, I will gladly help out!

3. Buy more than one Sunday newspaper. If somehting is BOGO and u only have one coupon, you will miss out on more savings. I personally buy 6-8 papers depending on what coupons will be in the inserts! (I know usually Fri or Sat what will be in Sun inserts!)

4. If your store doubles coupons... it's usually coupons under $1. (Unless we are talking about Kmart, in which case it is under $2.) Just because your coupon is over the value does not mean it wont be doubled. It will be "doubled" if it is $1.50 off and your store will double up to $1 they will deduct $2 :)

Any Questions pls feel free to ask!

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