Sunday, May 8, 2011

Classic example of why you need to watch every coupon.

Hey... $10 is $10 these days! Every penny counts.
Ok... So, I went to Walgreens this morning. There's nothing I hate more than a store manager NOT knowing their own coupon policy... MAKE SURE TO BRING YOURS WITH U TO EVERY STORE!
Not only was that an issue, but not all of my coupons scanned properly...
I bought (13) Tylenol Precise Patches
I Used(13) $5/1 Manu coupons
and (1) $3/1 Wags coupon... which gave me $39 off :)
My total BEFORE coupons was $103.87
After coupons it was supposed to be free, but I was stuck paying $9.87 because I did NOT watch the coupons being scanned.
Only 11/13 were scanned in...
So, after i noticed I went back to the store. I gave the store manager her OWN coupon poilcy to prove she was wrong and I explained how I gave her 13 coupons and ONLY 11 were scanned thru.
So, we "returned" 2 boxes... I received the FULL price back...(middle receipt).
Then, I bought the 2 boxes back... (right)
Since I already used the $3/1 Wags coupon, we did not use it again... The last receipt shows me ONLY spending $5.98 for 2 boxes of Tylenol Precise.

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