Monday, April 25, 2011

My trip to Pulix this morning...

First off... I would love to say THANKS to True Couponing!!! They are awesome at what they do :)
Now, I would love to tell you all about my trip to Publix! I went with all four boys to the shopping center to grab a few things. (April Vacation). I was in the section where the baby items are located and I saw the ladies from True Couponing and thanked them and told them how religiously I follow their site... I can't go shopping without checking out the deals FIRST.
So, after I told them how much I loved them, they asked if I wanted to be interviewed for the news... So, of course I said YES!

Today I was followed around the store while shopping by the news crew and I still managed to get:
(1) Soleil Bella Razors, (4) Bic Comfort 3 Razors, (1) Bic Flex 4 Razors, (1) 32 oz Coffee Creamer, (1) Lysol disinfectant wipes, (1) glade spring collection, (2) Newman's own alfredo sauce, (1) Starkist Tuna creations, (8) Ritz crackerfuls, (10) Juicy Juice 64 oz, (1) 2 gallon milk, (1) 24 case of Nestle water...
All these 32 items for $3.81 plus tax came to $5.39.
A Savings of $97.91
Less than $0.17 per tem!!!

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